I am a researcher at the Intelligent Agent, Interaction and Modeling Lab at Bar-Ilan University, Israel. 

During the course of my Masters' in Statistics at Pondicherry University, I developed a keen interest towards data and human behavior. Along with like-minded friends, I did a couple of projects on groundwater conservation and malnutrition among women in India. This was followed by a brief stint in Oracle Financial Services Software Limited, where I was given an all round exposure on analytical applications. Life then took an interesting turn leading to pursuing research in Israel  where I now work on Artificial Intelligence specializing in Multi-Agent Systems and Human-Agent Interaction.

My curiosity on human behavior has also resulted in a lot of introspection. Hence, apart from my research you'll find me constantly trying to optimize my daily errands, cooking and penning down my thoughts in an imaginary blog and contemplating about life with my husband Vinayaka. 






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